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Refugee Ministry

Yesly Antu | Outreach Ministry Coordinator |

International Friends began as a ministry to serve refugee families living ½ mile from the West Campus of First Methodist Houston.  These Families had received asylum in the US after fleeing war and other atrocities in their home countries, carrying the scars of trauma, while trying to learn a new language and life in Houston.  International Friends has expanded to serve the families of children attending two elementary schools near and on our West Campus.   These families simply want the chance for a better life.

There are 25.4 million refugees worldwide, and over half are under 18 years old. Less than 1%: of the world's refugees are ever resettled. Houston is home to people from all over the world and is the most ethnically diverse large city in the United States. Serving refugees is an opportunity for the people of Christ to introduce unreached peoples to the Gospel. Remember, Jesus was a refugee – and He spoke about welcoming the stranger and caring for our brothers and sisters in need.


 Locally, we have developed partnerships with other churches and agencies who also share God’s heart for these very vulnerable people. We serve our brothers and sisters from Syria, Congo, Cuba, Burma, Iraq, Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countries seeking refuge, friendship, and assimilation into their new city. Partnering with Catholic Charities, we serve in the name of Christ, offering services that help empower our families to lead lives of dignity and inclusion. (Not sure if to keep this…)   


The friendship blessing goes both ways, as our volunteers are moved and changed by the love and generosity they find from our families.


There are several ways to be involved with refugees through First Methodist. One is to pray for our refugee families, and the global refugee crisis. In addition, we can use our voices to advocate for refugees – advocate for our city to absorb more refugees, and advocate for the rights of those living here.


You can also get involved with our Wednesday night tutoring program (*Currently, due to COVID-19 it is done virtually), where we love on kids and build relationships through tutoring and educational activities. If you are interested in serving with our Wednesday night mentoring/tutoring program, partnering with a family, or helping with special events or needs, please see our serve page.

V O L U N T E E R S  N E E D E D

Opportunities have moved online and others are pending due to COVID-19.

No Spanish is required! You can help in many ways.



Contact Yesly Antu at



An increase in giving is needed to expand our Refugee and Lifeline ministries and to allow our church to continue to respond to its current commitments.

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3. Choose Giving from the left menu

4. Click +Give tab to set up online giving

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