“Through our Missions Ministry, we serve among the most vulnerable people in Houston and around the world. Now as we find ourselves facing the Covid-19 virus and the needs are growing rapidly, we are reminded that we serve the God of hope - and that our hope is in Him alone. As followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity and privilege to care for those in need.  This past week, we increased the number of lunches we serve through Lifeline, with the help of our youth, to our brothers and sisters living on the streets. We will continue ministering locally through Lifeline to the Homeless, Neighbors in Action and our International Friends ministries and globally through our church and partner ministries. While our techniques may be continually adapting to the situation, our commitment to serving will not. 


At this time, the most pressing need is financial as in kind donations are more difficult to obtain and distribute. If you are able and would like to give an offering to serve these efforts, above your current commitments, please direct your donations to Missions through check or online. This will enable us to respond to expanding needs and continue to care for our neighbors as we care for ourselves. Thank you for your commitment to serve the Lord through the mission efforts of our church."



COVID-19 has impacted our world greatly and many of us are feeling overwhelmed. We might feel helpless that we can’t do anything to control the situation. However, there are things that we can still control. Here are some ways we would encourage you to do to help one another during this season:


We can best protect our neighbors, friends and family by staying home. Although this might feel counter- intuitive, except “essential workers,” we are serving others by staying home.


Ask God what He wants for you/your family during this time? As we slow down, we can hear God’s voice in new ways. Reading scripture and meditating are tools to help us hear from God. We can do this individually or as a family.

Questions you may ask during your time with God:

“What do you want for me/my family during this time, Lord?”

“Is there something I/we can do to bring us closer to You and/or to serve others?”


What is God leading you or your family to do? We are all His hands and feet and He has unique opportunities for each of us. Click here for ways to Respond.


If you are willing, please share how God is leading you/your family, with your church family. You can do this by emailing Paula Niz at pniz@fmhouston.com.



More people are facing hunger. You and your neighbors are not alone. 
Click here for COVID-19 Food Resources.