Lifeline to the Homeless

 Dear Family,

As followers of Jesus, we are called to  love  people as  He  loves  them. We are called  as individuals,  as a community, as a church, to acknowledge the dignity of the poor,  seek justice  for the oppressed  and share  the Good News  of Christ with the world.  

 First Methodist Houston is following Jesus by loving our neighbor and working to alleviate suffering through our Missions Ministry. Our approach is centered around prayer, listening and responding humbly, as we seek to identify where God is at work. We are the presence of Christ, treating everyone with love, respect and dignity.  

Our strategy is threefold: Local Missions, Global Missions and Partner Organizations and is supported financially through your generosity in pledged and non-pledged gifts and the annual Christmas Offering.   


These are difficult times.  Many people are hurting among and around us. Our church has been responding to needs for over one hundred and eighty (180) years. In times of crisis, the church steps up to respond, in the name of Jesus.  In order to continue serving and supporting the needs of our neighbors at home and abroad, we need you and your support. 



Each September we renew our pledge to support the Missions Ministry of our church. Our goal is $500,000. This will address our current ministry commitments and help us to respond to some of the additional needs that COVID-19 has created. If God has blessed you with the ability to increase or make a first time pledge, please visit and click on the pledge card.   


Since 1839, First Methodist Houston has worked to follow Jesus by loving our neighbor and alleviating suffering in our city and around the world.  In the most difficult of times, God asks His children to trust Him. These ministries represent our best efforts to be responsive to Jesus’ call and commission during these times. God is still moving and working His plan for the future of His church.  Thank you for being a part of that plan. 


Serving together,


Kristen Jones