Lifeline is a homeless mission. We serve men and women with a smile and respect. We listen to their needs and help as much as possible. We offer clothing, lunch, groceries, hygiene and metro passes for those with doctors’ appointments.


Being a part of this ministry has impacted my life in a very personal way. I have a family member who is a drug addict and homeless. We have tried to help him change his life, but he still chooses to live this way. At Lifeline, I come in to contact with others who have a similar story. I treat each client with the kindness and love that I hope people who meet my family member would treat the same way.


When our clients come in, they might have been beaten up, robbed; some of the women may have been sexually assaulted. Life has been very rough for them. It’s important they have a place of refuge, if even for a few minutes – a place where they are treated with dignity, kindness, and the love of Christ.


This is what we are called to do, to be the light.